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genuine reclaimed thin brick Recycled Tiles

Reclaimed thin brick tiles

Reclaimed thin brick tiles

Vintage Bricks is a boutique local supplier of reclaimed brick

We serve a local market in smaller quantity needs (ie, less than 1000)

Our bricks are sourced exclusively from the demolition operations of our sister company, when such salvage is practible.  

This means our brick supply varies tremendously in quantity, type and color.

Our thin brick tiles will be available again by 2019, possibly earlier.

Please call 404-478-7142 and choose "Vintage Bricks" for up to date information regarding our current stock.

**We do not purchase bricks**


We supply certified reclaimed thin brick tiles, sliced from salvaged vintage common bricks.

Vintage Brick tiles retain all the original markings, colors, and remnants of mortar from the original brick. But at a fraction of the width, they’re both lighter and thinner. Best of all, they can be installed like standard tile, without the bulk or weight of a full-size brick wall. Your average handy homeowner (or typical contractor) can install them quickly and easily, without requiring the services of a brickmason.

Reclaiming and reusing these antique building materials is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to add beauty, warmth and character to your home while reducing the impact on landfills created by the demolition process. 

Our inventory of solid, reclaimed, and antique brick tiles include: St. Louis Red brick and Chattachoochee Brick Company brick. The bricks are beautifully varied in color and hue. Bricks are sourced from demolition contractors in Georgia.

Documentation regarding source, location and former use of bricks are available for LEED certified projects. 

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How Many Bricks Will I Need?

In addition to our certified authentic reclaimed brick tiles, we also provide pallets of whole, uncut used bricks. For more information, call Vintage Bricks at (404) 478-7142



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