FAQ & Video Pro-Tips


Can I DIY ? Absolutely! We are currently working on a How-To Installation guide and hope to have it up soon!

What is your recommended sealant? We recommend using SEK Surebond sealers

What is your turnaround time? Our bricks are salvaged from buildings that we deconstruct ourselves. They are then cleaned and cut by hand in house and prepared for orders. Due to the hand-cultivated nature of our brick tiles, we are currently expecting a turnaround time of about 6 weeks. Please call for more information, for this may change.

Do you ship internationally? Not yet, but here is a great source of reclaimed tiles in the UK

Pro Tip #1 - How can I keep my bricks evenly spaced?

Contractor Marc Krause shows us his Vintage Brick Pro Tip for keeping brick tiles even when installing on a vertical surface. Vintage Brick tiles are cut from genuine reclaimed antique brick. They keep all the gorgeous colors, markings, and character of salvaged brick, but install as easily as tile in all sorts of home improvement projects.