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Old Bricks - American Classic

genuine reclaimed thin brick Recycled Tiles × SHIPPED ANYWHERE*


We supply pallets of whole vintage reclaimed bricks

To order a pallet of 360 reclaimed whole bricks, or to order a sample: call (404) 478-7142

Vintage Bricks is the #1 supplier of genuine reclaimed thin brick tiles.


We supply certified reclaimed thin brick tiles, sliced from salvaged vintage common bricks.

Our inventory of solid, reclaimed, and antique brick tiles include: St. Louis Red brick and Chattachoochee Brick Company brick. The bricks are beautifully varied in color and hue. Bricks are sourced from demolition contractors in Georgia.

Documentation regarding source, location and former use of bricks are available for LEED certified projects. Some bricks have been reclaimed more than once, so determining actual age for some can be difficult.

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